Windows 10 Sleep Mode Issue - How to Fix It?

22 September 2021

Windows 10 issues are more common, we can know about it from the existing users who raise such complaints. Among the various issues window 10 won’t sleep also one among them. There might be plenty of reasons for such issues to occur which may include inappropriate settings, third party software’s interference, issues in the device driver and many other causes related to it that can cause ‘computer won’t stay asleep’.

Two Issues Related to the Sleep Mode:

  1. Sleep option will be missing in your windows 10.
  2. In your windows 10, the computer will not go to sleep.

These are the two main common issues that can be seen in relation to it.

How Do I Fix this Issue?
By using the method given below, we will have to ‘fix sleep mode not working’ issues.

Try advanced step to fix the error:
Using this method, ‘windows 10 sleep mode not working’ can be easily fixed by yourself.

Step 1: First, you will have to open the windows search and type ‘services.msc’.

Step 2: In the services window you will have to look for the windows update service.

Step 3: Click on the windows update option, then tap on the stop.

Step 4: Again, you will have to select the same option and click on start and again click on the restart option.

Step 5: Finally, go to the Windows update and click on the updates. Then if you find any updates that are pending and do not forget to reboot your device.
Follow this method to fix the ‘windows 10 won't sleep automatically’ issue without any help from experts.

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