Why Did My Facebook Account Get locked?

1 September 2021

There are people who are facing issues like Facebook accounts being temporarily locked. This might be occurring because of some of your activity or something on your account that has caught the attention of Facebook staff or its automated systems.

Reasons that could be responsible for the Locked account –

1. Identity Not Satisfactory
If the users have not provided the correct information of yourself then that could be the reason why your account could get locked and you would face issues like your Facebook account being temporarily unavailable.

2. Security Issues of the Account
If your account is not up to the security criteria then you could be locked temporarily and there is a problem in your account only.

Ways to opt to Restore the account that has been locked –

  1. If your Facebook account is locked then you might have to submit a request to Facebook.
  2. You might have to submit a picture of your government-issued identification card to prove the credibility of the information you have provided.
  3. In some cases, you only have to answer the security questions that have been asked by Facebook to recover your deleted account. These will be the questions that you have provided to Facebook with their answers while the time of creating your account.

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