Quick Tips To Fix A Slow GoDaddy Website

21 September 2021

Is your site running slow on GoDaddy? Try upgrading your GoDaddy to PHP 7.4 from the GoDaddy cPanel and optimize the database, images, and fronts. Additionally, make sure you have optimized or reduced Google AdSense, Fonts, Maps, Tag Manager, and other third-party codes. However, it may require some more things to implement to fix a slow GoDaddy website. Read on to know some troubleshooting methods to fix your GoDaddy website.

Are you sure GoDaddy is the problem for your slow site?

Use PageSpeedInsights, KeyCDN, GTmetrix, etc to check the GoDaddy server. Well, if you get a negative response on your GoDaddy, don’t be amazed to see it. Various Facebook groups biasedly rate GoDaddy as one of the poor sites, anyway, try WordPress Hosting Group to get genuine responses. Follow the tips given below to fix slow GoDaddy email or site issues.

Try these Troubleshooting methods to fix a slow GoDaddy website
Tip 1. Upgrade your GoDaddy PHP to 8.0 from the cPanel

  • Sign in to your GoDaddy account and move to cPanel
  • Open GoDaddy Product Page and go to Manage option.
  • Now locate “Settings” and click on the upgrade button to update PHP 7.4 to PHP 8.0

If you somehow find issues after updating GoDaddy, remove the update and go back to the previous version of PHP.

Tip 2. Check your browser. Make sure you are using an updated browser and have cleared caches and cookies to avoid GoDaddy email problems.

Tip 3. Check your Database and remove junk files from it.

Tip 4. Optimize fonts, images, and third-party codes.

Tip 5. Check your internet connectivity if GoDaddy email is not working.

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