How to Unlock A Snapchat Account on An iPhone?

14 December 2021

Having a Snapchat account is very beneficial as it provides too many wonderful features to its users. But if your Snapchat account has been locked somehow then it can lead you to lose all the streaks you have maintained. Troubling? No.... we know which is why we are going to tell you how you can unlock a permanently locked Snapchat account.

Unlock Snapchat Account on iPhone
If you are wondering why my Snapchat is locked, then let me tell you that it can be due to any reason as there are numerous rules and regulations put forward by Snapchat. Follow our ways to unlock your Snapchat locked account.

Method 1: Uninstall third-party apps and plug-ins
Snapchat sometimes locks your account because of the installation of third-party applications. You should remove any third-party app or plug-in if you are using them. After that, you should install the latest version of the application on your iPhone and then open the app to see if it works.

Method 2: Visit the Snapchat website
You can also unlock your account by visiting the official website of Snapchat at unlock to gain access to your account. Snapchat will take a few hours at max and then unlock your account.

Method 3: Use the Yellow Button
You can also use the Yellow button available on the Snapchat website. With this Snapchat will give you a fresh password that you can use to perform a Snapchat unlock account. You need to use this new password to log into your account back and maintain your streaks.

Method 4: Check the Internet Connection
If the given methods have not helped you with how to unlock a temporarily locked Snapchat account then, you should see if your Snapchat is connected to a good internet connection. Try putting your device on Airplane mode and then turn it off.

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