How to Make Yahoo Mail Work with Outlook?

14 April 2021

Yahoo with outlook is like cherry on the top . Now if you wish to set up Yahoo mail in outlook because of the prime quality service it offers, you will have to follow a set of guidelines . It is listed below give it a good read:

  • Start by opening the “file “tab.
  • Then select the option which says “Add account”.
  • Mention the password (make sure you keep a strong password as these vitals are important from a security point of view, setting up a strong password would keep you safe from spam/hackers).
  • Follow the two-step verification and make sure you mention the password which was generated by the time of completion of this process.
  • Hit on “connect” and you have finally added your Yahoo on outlook .

Meanwhile it is also possible to sync Microsoft outlook with the Yahoo mail. Apart from that if by any chance you have forgotten your password then reach out to the following steps and make changes accordingly:

  1. Start by logging into the Yahoo mail official homepage .
  2. In the top right corner of the portal , kindly choose your profile name along with basic account information .
  3. Hit on the option which reads as “account security’ and further click on the option which reads out “generate app password”.
  4. Choose the version of the outlook service you would want to use and you are all free to use Outlook iOS/Outlook desktop .

Now so as to activate Yahoo outlook settings you will again have to follow some protocols :

  1. Start by opening the Outlook application and select the “file menu”.
  2. Hit on the “add account” option.
  3. Choose the manual setup option and hit on the “next” option.
  4. Choose IMAP/POP and select “next”.
  5. Under that mention POP/IMAP settings and write down your vitals under the tab.
  6. As the last step choose the IMAP for the account type and finally hit on the “finish” option.

And if by any chance Yahoo mail is not working on outlook , then check the settings and enable the two-factor authentication on your respective Yahoo accounts. Make sure you set up IMAP on your Yahoo mail so as to make sure the outlook service works well with Yahoo.

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