How Do You Check Who Has Seen Your Facebook Profile?

8 June 2021

Facebook remains one of the most popular social media platforms all these years, since its inception. It has become a great tool for finding all the lost old friends no matter if they are in any part of the world. It also gave us the opportunity to make new friends whom we do not know personally but can meet by talking to them and planning things out, this way many people met and become lifelong couples as well. Sometimes so many people are added to our friend’s list that we do not know who we really know or who our friend is or who visited our Facebook’s profile or whether they are on the friend’s list or not. In order to keep a track of all your actual friends, you must check who has seen your Facebook profile and added it to your friend’s list if they have not been added yet.

In addition, there are some positive qualities as well as some negative qualities that came along with Facebook. Users follow other people by going to their profiles, saving their photos and videos and abusing them later on using their personal information. Related to this, many people on the internet are asking to know how to see who views your Facebook to get rid of creepy stalking people and accepting friend requests from the suspicious person.

Therefore, if you also want to find out who stalks you on Facebook? Then this is the right place you have landed. To do so in the easiest way is by downloading a mobile application. These days several applications are available on app stores which lets you know who has visited your profile. One very legit app that actually works among all is “Who Viewed My Profile”. This app not only tells you the name of the person who visited your Facebook profile, but also the names of the persons on other social media platforms like Instagram and WhatsApp. You just have to download the app and login into your social media account and can get the names of the persons who viewed your profile.