How Do I Enable Attachments In Gmail?

28 May 2021

We are going to talk about Gmail attachment settings first. Now it's very easy just to give it a good read. Anyways let’s get into it. Now so as to do so you shall start by signing into the Gmail account and simply hit on the gear tab which is on the topmost right corner. When you scroll down you shall notice an attachments option, choose the “basic attachment feature” from there, and hit on the save changes option.You have successfully completed the first step anyway. Now if by any chance the Gmail attachment is not showing then you may simply try these basic fixes which work without any fail :

  1. Initiate by updating the adobe flash player, once you do so the glitch shall get solved on its own.
  2. The next step shall be disabling the browser extensions as this might create a problem a few times while one is uploading the files from Gmail. These extensions tend to block the Gmail attachments anyway, so they shall be removed.
  3. The next step shall be updating your browser and this is a must process, so make sure you don’t miss out on that by any chance.

This was all we wanted to tell you, feel free to reach us anytime.