Facebook Account Hacked: Recovery Steps to Take Immediately

25 February 2021

Facebook has been the most used social media website in the world and all of us are addicted to it. So, if we lose access to Facebook even for a day, it would be a disaster.

And the most frustrating part is when your account gets hacked. If that has happened, then you’ve come to the right page. Today we will help you recover your Facebook account immediately.

Let’s get started.

How to Know if the Account is Hacked

If your Facebook account hacked and locked, then you wouldn’t be able to login to your account. And other signs of a hacked account are:

  • Changed Email and password
  • New friends are added to the account but you don’t know them.
  • There are posts in your timeline that shouldn’t be there.

Here is what you can do to recover a hacked Facebook account.

How to Recover Hacked Facebook Account

If your Facebook account hacked and you want to recover it, then you should follow these steps.

  • First, you need to open the password reset page of Facebook. And then use your alternate email ID or mobile number to reset the password of your account. if there is an issue with the account recovery process, then you should proceed to the next step.
  • Submit a report for a compromised Facebook account through the Facebook help page. You need to open the ‘Report Compromised Account’ page and then click on the MY Account is Compromised option. And then fill out all the details and click on the continue button to complete the process.